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Whitefriars at the Melbourne Writers Festival

Whitefriars at the Melbourne Writers Festival

A group of  ‘talented writers’, Mr Joel Treyvaud and l participated in the recent Melbourne Writers Festival. The wind blowing through the city streets was freezing as we made our way to Fed Square. However the morning was brightened by some of the glorious elephants celebrating ‘Mali in the city’.

Read This! $40,000 in prizes!

If you’re between 12 and 18 then check out the Read This! Creative Reading Prize. $40,000 in prizes! Entries are now open. You may be inspired by some of the wonderful entries that have already been submitted.

Everything you ever wanted to know about writing

Martha Alderson is the Plot Whisperer. She takes you through the whole writing process in a series of 26 videos – starting from dramatic action to character development, setting from the beginning, exotic world and much more.  Martha also writes a very informative blog. If you are serious about writing, or even if you want … Continue reading

So you want to be a writer…

Allen and Unwin publishers have some excellent information for those of you who aspire to be writers. And I say ‘aspire’ because you, of all people, will prefer to use the word ‘aspire’ in place of ‘want’. Am I right? You can go to the Writing Centre on Allen and Unwin’s website, or even go … Continue reading

The Age Education Resource Centre

RECOMMENDATIONS/NEWS                                                                                                     (Staff, 7-9, 10-12) The Education Resource Centre of  The Age newspaper is worth checking out, or going back for another look. Apart from material for VCE Success and features supporting different subjects within the curriculum, the reading and writing page is great for – well, reading and writing, of course! Watch this page because things … Continue reading

Melbourne – Centre for books, writing and ideas

NEWS/EVENTS                                                                                                                            (Staff, 7-9,10-12) Did you know that UNESCO bestowed on the city of Melbourne the title of City of Literature as part of its Creative Cities Network? Maybe you did, but did you also know that the Arts Minister, Lynne Kosky, announced two days ago the creation of The Wheeler Centre: Books, Writing, Ideas. It … Continue reading