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PlayStation Network Down: A good thing or a bad thing?

By Julian Virgona  By now, nearly everyone would know the ‘crisis’ that has hit PlayStation Network (PSN) users all over the world, and I’m not talking about the recently released game ‘Crysis 2’. No, I’m referring to the recent downing of the PlayStation Network, which has rendered online access of any sort, from purchases on … Continue reading

Guess who’s been caught reading – Julian Virgona

Demon Strike, Andrew Newbound  Reviewed by Julian Virgona (year8)  Demon Strike, written by Andrew Newbound, is a story following twelve-year-old ghost hunter and psychic Alannah Malarra and her sidekick Wortley Flint. They both get caught up in a dimensional war between Gargoyles, Gnarls and Ghouls from the depths of the Dark Dimension and the A.N.G.E.L.s … Continue reading