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The Poetry Visitor

The Poetry Visitor

The Poetry Visitor by Steven Herrick. Steven Herrick’s visit to our school was a great experience for everyone. The great thing about Steven, is that he writes his poems from what goes on in his life so they are aimed at all ages. Whether his poems be about going to the footy or about a … Continue reading

Sometimes I make typos

RECOMMENDATIONS                                                                                                        (Staff, 7-9, 10-12) Occasionally I post poetry here. Poetry isn’t the most popular form of literature these days, but I’m hoping it will make a much-needed comeback. Ok, so I think you’ll enjoy this. What I want you to do first, is read this poem. I’m not going to say any more yet. Sum thyme’s … Continue reading

We have some pretty horrible stuff!

You  may have noticed (and I know some of you have) that we’ve added a new lot of books in their own special spot, and it’s near the colour photocopier/printer called Monica in the library. It’s called Our Weird and wonderful world! Yes, it’s the horrible section. You know, the popular Horrible Histories series.  But it’s … Continue reading