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Review: Catch the Zolt by Phillp Gwynne

Review: Catch the Zolt by Phillp Gwynne

Title: Catch the Zolt Author: Phillip Gwynne Series: The debt – book 1 Next book in series: Turn off the lights book 2 Genre: Adventure/Thriller Available from the library: Yes  First sentence:  ‘The day of my fifteenth birthday started off pretty much like every other day: the alarm on my iPhone going off at 5:30 … Continue reading

The Nostradamus prophecy by Theresa Breslin

Do you believe that anyone can see into the future? Ever been fascinated with Nostradamus’ prophecies? Theresa Breslin has written a gripping story set in medieval Europe. Why set a story in 16th century France? The Guardian sums it up well: It’s a time and a place that’s ripe for conflict: riven by religious disputes, … Continue reading

Mr Doolan reviews Hornet flight by Ken Follett

A riveting read that combines adventure, amateur spies and domestic intrigue during the Second World War is Follett’s novel. Set in Northern Europe the story surrounds the military secret that has to be communicated to the British across the channel. Even if you possess the most rudimentary knowledge of fighter planes the narrative is engaging. … Continue reading