What is a hero?

What is a Hero?                         By Jonathon Griffiths

I personally have two ideas as to what constitutes a hero. The first one is someone who can overcome adversity or face up to a challenge bravely, and get through the situation holding their heads up high. My second idea of what constitutes a hero is someone who you can look up to, someone who has done something that you would like to do, and you can learn from their example. A hero also has to have a good moral standard, and should never seek acknowledgment for what they do, or what they have achieved. I don’t personally hold sportsmen very high in my list of heroes, the only ones that I do believe are heroes are the ones that have gone on to do great things after they have retired. I also don’t believe that for someone to be a hero, they have to be in the public eye. I believe that the true heroes in our world are the people that surround us, in our everyday life, like family, friends, teachers, and local leaders.

My first hero is my great aunt Mary Hiscock. Mary is my Grandfathers’ sister, and a well known solicitor, and a much respected Professor of Law.  Amongst her many achievements, she has represented Australia numerous times at various United Nations conferences, helped found a fair trade bank in South East Asia and helped various countries re-write their trade laws. Mary doesn’t seek recognition, and is very down to earth. She has achieved many things that most people can’t.

My second hero is Nelson Mandela. Mandela was imprisoned for a long time for what basically comes down to being black. When he was released from prison, he went on to become South Africa’s first black president and set out to make South Africa a fair and equal place for all those who lived there. Nelson Mandela over came great adversity to become one of South Africa’s greatest leaders.

My third hero is Glen McGrath. Glen McGrath was a cricketer for Australia, and was married with two children to a woman called Jane. Jane beat breast cancer the first time she was diagnosed with it, but sadly, she passed away two years ago when the cancer came back. Glen started the McGrath Foundation, which has raised millions of dollars to help fund research into breast cancer.

My fourth heroes are the brave men and women who fought the fires on Black Saturday, and the whole week where fires ripped through Victoria. These men and women showed great courage and selflessness when they put their lives on the line to help save the lives and homes of other people. The fire-fighters haven’t sought out recognition, and still work tirelessly at their jobs.

The dictionary defines a hero as ‘someone who fights for a cause’. All of my aforementioned ‘heroes’ are examples of this, in all of the different fields that they work in.  A common quality that all of these people have is selflessness, and I don’t believe that you can be deemed as a hero unless you possess this quality. A hero is someone who works tirelessly for the good of other people.



3 thoughts on “What is a hero?

  1. I enjoyed reading your writing and I agree with the points you made. We all have ideas about what a hero is and you have been able to articulate this and who your heros are. Thanks for posting!
    Nina D

  2. Excellent work Johnathon. Your work shows that you understand and have well thought out opinions about who are heroes. I enjoyed reading your work. Thanks for sharing.

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