The Great Reading Challenge Scarecrow – student review

  • Title: Scarecrow
  • Author: Matthew Reilly
  • Genre: Adventure/Thriller
  • Series: Book Three of The Shane Schofield series
  • Available in library?: Yes.

Category – One Title Book – Scarecrow by Matthew Reilly – student review

Scarecrow, by Matthew Reilly, is a nonstop roller-coaster of action. When Lieutenant Shane Schofield- call sign Scarecrow- and his team of Marines respond to a distress call from an Antarctic research station, they have no idea what they are getting into. Upon arrival, all hell breaks loose and Scarecrow must battle for control of the station to protect the secret under the ice. As major world powers converge upon the station, traitors are revealed, conspiracies uncovered and abilities are pushed to the limit in this explosive bestseller. Matthew Reilly keeps the pace moving throughout the whole book, keeping you stuck to your seat until the end.  Scarecrow as the main character is a quick thinking tough as nails fighter who is dedicated to his team and will fight at all costs. The way in which the story is developed is very exciting and the whole premise of the book is a brilliantly executed idea. My favourite parts are the chases as they develop the story on the run.

I would recommend this book to anyone in his or her teens or above, however it is not for children as it contains heavy profanity and violence. This book deserves 5/5 as it is never boring and paves the way for an incredible series.

Other books in this series all available from the library

Ice Station (Shane Schofield, #1),  Area 7 (Shane Schofield, #2), Scarecrow (Shane Schofield, #3),  Hell Island (Shane Schofield, #3.5), Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves (Shane Schofield, #4)

To learn more about Matthew Reilly and the many books he has written visit his website.

Thank you

Library Team


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