The Great Reading Challenge Black Holes and Other Space Oddities student review

  • Title: Black Holes and Other Space Oddities
  • Author: Alex Bartnett 
  • Science Non-fiction
  • Available in library?: Yes

Category – Science Non-Fiction – Black Holes and Other Space Oddities reviewed by Jayden Bardrick.

Ever wondered how black holes work, how the sun produces light or how the world will end in 5 billion years? This book is a brilliant introduction into space, or just a way to extend your knowledge. Black Holes and Other Space Oddities is packed to the brim with information about our universe, from stars to Mars and everything in between! Reading through, you’ll be captivated by the facts you never knew, the ideas popping into your head and the wonderful selection and use of imagery, to clearly define the area and dazzle you with its beauty. Outer space couldn’t be presented in an easier way. Gathered among the astronomical amount of information included are several interesting facts which may only be loosely related to the topic which are surprising, funny and generally nice to read. For example, did you know that Venus’ day is longer than its year? And for all you fact buffs out there, a reference section is presented over the last eight pages, clustered with space facts and figures for you to stun friends and family with. While the book was only published in 2002 and so may be outdated, it’s still great. Only a few flaws, mostly being how packed the text was. It feels somewhat cramped at times and while it feels quaint, it’s also a bit intimidating for some to load pages with text. 4/5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Thank you Jayden

Library Team


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