The Great Reading Challenge: The Bronze Key book review

  • Title: The bronze key 
  • Author: Holly Black and Cassandra Clare
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Series: Book Three of The Magisterium series
  • Available in library?: Yes.

The Bronze key by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare – Book 3 in the Magisterium series – reviewed by Jacob Sanderson

Magisterium, the bronze key is a great book by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare; it is a thriller with a lot of suspense. If you have Book 1 and 2, you now know that Call has the soul of Constantine Madden, the deceased Enemy of Death, who had caused a lot of ‘chaos on mages. Other people who know are Tamara, and Aaron—Call’s best friends and fellow apprentices at the Magisterium, where they are in their third year of mage-studies. However, Call believes, no one else in the Magisterium knows. Following events, however, seem to tell us that someone wants Call assassinated. The Authors, Holly Black and Cassandra Clare fail to make this third book as engrossing as the first two. The tension surrounding the question of whom Call can trust—could Aaron be trying to kill him?—never gets off the ground: Call is unable to tell who is trying to murder him, while smarter readers will have figured out who the culprit is long before. Engrossing adventures abound but these are inspired by flimsy, contrived logic that does neither characters nor readers justice. The narrative repeatedly fills readers in on things that happened in the previous book, which reads is good if you just skipped to this book, but only something to fill the pages for people who have read the first two, and there is no significant movement forward plot wise until the ending prequel for Book 4.

Review written by Jacob as a part of The great escape reading challenge. Well done Jacob.

If you would like to know more about this series check out Holly Black’s Magisterium webpage and for more reviews check out Goodreads 

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