Zeroes by Scott Westerfeld

  • Title: Zeroes
  • Author: Scott Westerfeld
  • Genre: Sci-Fi
  • Series: Yes book 1 of The Zeroes trilogy.
  • Available in the library: Yes
  • Would recommend: Yes

zeroespngReviewed by Thomas O’Brien

Scott Westerfeld’s most recent book, Zeroes is a true masterpiece of both literature and concept. An action-packed narrative of teenagers, twisted and broken by powers that aren’t all as brilliant as they may seem.

When Scam, a particularly non-empathetic kid with a power to let his voice take charge and get him out of any situation, is involved in a bank robbery gone wrong his world is turned upside down. On the run from police, gangsters and whatever else decides to join the show Scam is forced to take refuge with the very people who hate him most; the disbanded “Zeroes.” The Zeroes, a group of super-powered teenagers, bended and twisted by their own powers are forced to reluctantly accept him back and are immediately drawn into the storm of madness Scam’s voice has created.

An amazing novel of startling concept, deep in meaning and perfect for anyone bored of the average non-thinking novel and any Westerfeld fan looking for something new to read.

I’d rate this book five out of five stars, definitely my favourite of Westerfeld’s books (which I have read) and certainly my all-time favourite supernatural novel.

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