The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

  • Title: The Name of the Wind
  • Author: Patrick Rothfuss
  • Genre: Heroic Fantasy
  • Series: Yes book 1 of The Kingkiller Chronicle trilogy.
  • Available in the library: Yes
  • Would recommend to: anyone wanting to get into the Fantasy genre, or long time Fantasy fans.

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“You have to be a bit of a liar to tell a story the right way.” 

The Name of the Wind is Patrick Rothfuss’ debut novel, and what a debut it is! The book has been called “Harry Potter for the older crowd” and has been a commercial and critical success since its release in 2007. The first two books have been released, with a third currently in the making.

It follows an innkeeper name Kote and his apprentice Bast who manage their inn in an out-of-the-way town. It’s set against a backdrop of a stirring war and failing economy, where it is no longer safe to leave your door unlocked and men everywhere are joining the army to get their hands on some money. One day, a man known as the Chronicler visits Kote’s inn with the intention of finding a legendary man known as Kvothe so he can write down his life story. To much shock, Kote is revealed as Kvothe; a master swordsman, magician, musician and who is rumoured to have caused the war currently occurring. The Chronicler convinces Kvothe to tell him the tale of his life. And so Kvothe begins, starting at his traveling performer roots and following him as he grows into the most notorious wizard the world has ever seen.

The Name of the Wind is among the best fantasy novels of the 21st century. Rothfuss’ prose is some of the best and the story the novel tells is a grand one that takes you from a university for magic to a separate universe populated by fae and other nonhuman creatures. There are two timelines in the book: the present, where Kote is telling his story, and the past, where Kote’s story takes place. They are weaved together perfectly, with interludes coming at just the right time.

I cannot recommend this book enough. If someone was interested in making a foray into the fantasy genre, this is what I would hand them. It’s not particularly gruesome or violent, nor is it extremely long and hard to read. It balances everything just right, making it a perfect beginner fantasy novel.

Now, if only Rothfuss would hurry up and finish the last book.

For information on Patrick Rothfuss and his other works, visit his website here.

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5 thoughts on “The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

  1. Couldn’t agree more Joel. It’s a great series and I loved it as well but like you I have been waiting for that third book.

  2. Hi Joel, Do you think it’d be suitable for primary-aged Potter lovers or is more suited to secondary students? Mrs Fitzsimons

    • I think some of the older primary school kids would be okay with it, but it does have some mature content. The second book even more so.

    • Jill it is not a YA book. It was published with the broader fantasy fiction reader in mind. I think they also need to be fairly advanced readers as well.

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