Review: The power of five by Anthony Horowitz

  •  Title: The power of five series: Ravens Gate, Evil Star, Nightrise, Necropolis
  • Author: Anthony Horowitz
  • Genre: Fantasy/Adventure
  • Series: 5 books in total
  • Available in the library: Yes

POF RavensgateThe Power of Five: Ravens Gate

Matthew Freeman is different to other people. After being convicted of trespassing and suspected murder Matt is relocated to a foster home in a simple town in the countryside to live out his adolescence. Lesser Mailing is anything but simple. This town has a secret. In this twisting book of magic and mayhem Matt uncovers the truth about not only Lesser Mailing, but himself.

This is the first book of Anthony Horrorwitz’s fantasy series The Power of Five and is, in my opinion, one of the best. Raven’s Gate was a perfect way for Horrorwitz to open his series as it introduces the main character, Matt, in such an excellent way that you can understand his thoughts in later books and truly feel a part of the series. Reading this book, or any other book written by Horrorwitz, makes you feel like you are truly experiencing the story. The very essence of this fantasy novel is its capacity to surprise and delight its readers into the exiting world of The Power of Five. Very good series and very good book. Four out of five stars.

POF Evil StarThe Power of Five: Evil Star

Ravens Gate was just the beginning. A second gate is about to be opened. Matt’s only hope of stopping the Old Ones from returning once more is through the help of Pedro, the second of The Five. Handicapped by a barrier of language Matt and Pedro are thrown together as the world’s only hope of preventing Armageddon. Evil Star is awakening and when it flickers, the world dies.

I love this book, definitely my favourite in the series. The picture it paints of Peru is startling and realistic. Anthony Horowitz has truly out done himself this time. Surpassing the brilliance of Ravens Gate, Evil Star is, in my view, the greatest book Horowitz has ever written. With its outstanding emotion and beautifully executed plot Evil Star has become my favourite novel for young readers. I would recommend this book, and do recommend this book, to anyone I can! Five out of five stars.

POF NightriseThe Power of Five: Nightrise

With the mysterious feel to the first two books of this series no one could have foreseen the sheer change of pace in The Power of Five’s third book: Nightrise. Without the familiar characters of Matt, Pedro and Richard Nightrise introduces two new gatekeepers, Scott and Jamie. The psychic twins have known of their powers since they were young, but never had they wondered what the true reason for their gifts where. When Scott is captured by the Nightrise Corporation the twins are separated for the first time in their life. Jamie alone can save his brother. The clock is ticking and Jamie must uncover the truth about what he is and why the Nightrise Corporation want him and Scott. There is no way of knowing who will live to see another day.

Another gripping book from the master of fantasy, Horowitz has readers begging for the reveal once again. With this new setting and style Jamie is introduced into the series as the essential character he truly is. Finally, the truth about the past is revealed. It’s a difficult decision of which book, out of this and Evil Star, is more intense and gripping. Horowitz, you’ve done it again. I recommend this book to anyone who would listen. Four and a half out of five stars.

POF NecropolisThe Power of Five: Necropolis

Scarlett Adams, the final Gatekeeper, refuses to explain why she disappeared. Far away from the others, Scarlett is trapped in Hong Kong. With The Old Ones closing in, Matt must find Scarlett before it’s too late. With Hong Kong falling apart and The Old Ones growing stronger by the second, the five Gatekeepers must band together as one if they are to tear down their terrifying foe. Welcome to the city of the dead.

Necropolis, not the best book in the series but a very important one. The Gatekeepers are finally together and they finally have a chance of defeating The Old Ones. Matt and his friends will do whatever it takes to protect what they hold dear. Though this is quite exiting I feel that, with the skill that Horowitz has shown in his previous books, this story and its scenes should have been written with more emotion like the rest of the series. Still, I would recommend this book to fantasy lovers everywhere. Three out of five stars.

POF oblivionThe fifth book in the series is Oblivion.


Anthony Horowitz, the author of the bestselling Alex Rider series, introduces his fantasy series The Power of Five


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