Review: Skulduggery Pleasant Last stand of Dead Men and The dying of the Light

Reviews by Thomas O’Brien

  • Title: Skulduggery Pleasant: Last Stand of Dead Men 
  • Author : Derek Landy
  • Genre: Adventure/Supernatural/Detective
  • Series: Yes Skulduggery Pleasant –  book 8 of 9
  • Available in the library: Yes

Last_Stand_of_Dead_Men_PBOf all the books in the Skulduggery Pleasant series Last Stand of Dead Men, being the eighth and second-last, is perhaps one of the most intense. When war breaks out between Sanctuaries and friends turn against friends only The Dead Men can save Ireland from the wrath of The Supreme Council. With the bombardment of the foreign sanctuaries there is no one who can protect the world from the darkness that awaits them. Darquesse is rising and only our deathly duo can protect the world from her terrifying wrath. For now, at least, no one is safe. After reading this book I have changed my view on the Skulduggery Pleasant series. Every book before this has been relatively tame. In the first half of this book there is little plot and it becomes quite unbearably boring and mundane, quite contrary to pretty much every other book in the series. Then the story really starts with a truly startling twist. After this the final two books of the series really start as the battle against darkness begins. Our heroes are thrown into the chaos of war as the Dead Men reassemble to save Ireland from everything from Sanctuaries and close friends to witches and warlocks. In this book, Derek Landy proves once again that he can write his way into the hearts of young authors everywhere. Any kind of reader from devout to pleasure will enjoy this book and every other in the series. I would recommend this series to anyone. I rate this book three out of five stars.

Derek Landy talks about the Last stand of dead men

  • Title: Skulduggery Pleasant: The dying of the light 
  • Author : Derek Landy
  • Genre: Adventure/Supernatural/Detective
  • Series: Yes Skulduggery Pleasant – final book 9 of 9
  • Available in the library: Yes

The_Dying_of_the_Light_CoverThe war between sanctuaries has ended. Now the true battle begins. In the ninth and final book of Derek Landy’s Skulduggery Pleasant it’s out of the frying pan and into the fire as Darquesse begins her reign of darkness. All that is left to fight her is what remains of the sanctuaries of the world. As Armageddon threatens to consume the world from all angles Valkyrie’s parents finally learn the truth of what their daughter has been doing in her spare time. In this book there’s no time to be sentimental as beloved characters begin dropping like flies to the pure evil of Darquesse. In this the final book of the Skulduggery Pleasant series the three personalities of Stephanie Edgley clash. Darquesse, Valkyrie, Stephanie, this world ain’t big enough for the three of them. In this fantasy novel Landy shows how dark and sinister is writing can be. With people literally exploding into atoms and brutal massacres of innocent people taking place simply to allow a quick snack break in a service station without having to pay you can truly see how terrible the world of Skulduggery Pleasant really is. It’s every man for themselves in this apocalyptic novel. I would recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys apocalyptic/dystopian fiction or dark fantasy. I would recommend this series to anyone.  Definitely a good novel for young readers. I rate this book three and a half out of five stars.


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