The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson

  • Title: The Way of Kings
  • Author: Brandon Sanderson
  • Genre: Epic Fantasy
  • Would recommend to: those who enjoyed Lord of the Rings or Wheel of Time; or just fantasy fans in general.
  • Available in the library?: No (as of 28/05/15)

TheWayOfKingsHaving completed Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time and a few other minor works, Brandon Sanderson has begun his own epic tale to rival the likes of Tolkien and Jordan: ‘The Stormlight Archive’. And when one of the best world-builders in the business plans to make a story this grand, you know it’s going to be good.

(As only two books have been released so far, I will be reviewing the first.)

The Way of Kings is a unique novel set in a unique world. With the continent of ‘Roshar’, Sanderson has created one of the more original settings of recent memory. Roshar is a place plagued by powerful and constant storms that have a major effect on the world. Things such as architecture, plants, people, even the currency are all based around the weather. The story follows three main characters in this world: Kaladin, a former spearman turned slave; Dalinar, an honourable lord who experiences strange visions; and Shallan, a young woman who becomes the ward and student of a scholarly princess. It tells their tales as Roshar slowly descends further and further into full-out war, while magic and enemies of old are returning in time for a storm that will change their world forever.

The Way of Kings is one of my favourite fantasy novels of all time. Sanderson has not tried to copy Tolkien, nor has he made his work extremely ‘gritty’, like many recent authors of late. Instead, he has made something unique that straddles the line between the two and provides a balanced experience for the reader.

For information on Brandon Sanderson and his other works, visit his website here.

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2 thoughts on “The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson

  1. Joel I have not read any Brandon Sanderson books but he always gets a lot of great reviews from many of the fantasy forums and on Good Reads. Maybe after your review I should give his books a read.

    • He’s truly doing something great and unique in the genre right now, Mrs Jimenez. Right up there with Abercrombie and Rothfuss in terms of modern fantasy heavyweights. Would definitely recommend reading his books.

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