Review : Big Game by Dan Smith

  • Title: Big Game
  • Author : Dan Smith
  • Genre: Action/Adventure
  • Available in the library: Yes
  • Based on movie script (film to be released)
  • Reserve a copy 

wpe6887ad8_05_06Set in the Finland wilderness, with bleak weather conditions and an extreme landscape, this is an action-packed survival story. The main character is Oskari who is about to turn 13 and must undertake a traditional initiation test to pass into manhood. All the males in his village must set off into the forest, armed only with an ancient bow and a quiver of arrows, and survive a day and a night. They then return to the village with a hunting trophy (some animal) that will represent their character.

Oskari is small and many, including his father, are not sure that he will pass this test. Oskari himself is worried about what he will be able to hunt down. Oskari’s father killed a bear, one of the greatest trophies ever brought back, and he does not want to let his father down.

After Oskari sets off on his adventure into the forest things unfold in unexpected ways. The US President’s plane is shot down by terrorists and it is up to Oskari to keep him alive and safe until they can get help.

The story is full of danger and there are some explosive moments as Oskari uses all his hunting and survival skills to stay ahead of the killers.

The story takes place over 24 hours, with a plot that mixes traditional and modern survival and hunting techniques. It is a thriller that makes the reader want to keep turning pages to find out what happens next.

The book is based on an original film script written by Jalmari and Petri Jokiranta. Read what other readers are saying about Big Game on Good Reads

Dan Smith author website wp87ac6bb1_06

Watch the movie trailer

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