Review : Arrowhead by Ruth Eastham

  •  Title: Arrowhead
  • Author : Ruth Eastham
  • Genre: Action/Adventure
  • Available in the library: Yes
  • Reserve a copy 

10630132625_8fcbded53dViking mythology, runes and life in the Arctic Circle are all elements in this fast-paced, great action story by Ruth Eastham. There is also an ancient curse and creatures of myth and legend coming back into the contemporary world to continue the battle between the forces of good and evil.

The setting for the novel is a Norwegian town and 13 year old Jack has been brought there to stay with his grandparents by his Norwegian mother, after the accidental death of his English father. Grief has tipped Jack’s mother into a depression and Jack isn’t doing all that well either. Along with the grief that he too is experiencing, he also worries about his mother and has to deal with being the new boy at school. When he chooses not to join his classmates bullying but stands up for their victim, a boy called Skuli, there are some momentous consequences.

The story mixes the present-day situation faced by Jack with the story of young Norwegian (Viking) boy Tor, born 1000 years previously. Jack is connected to this boy’s thoughts and deeds of long ago. The task/quest that Tor began must be completed by Jack before the world suffers catastrophic disaster. Jack and his two friends are the only ones who can resist the dark forces and they only have a small window of opportunity in which to complete their task.

Using the device of the ballad was an interesting way to give direction to the story. There is plenty of suspense and cliff hangers at the end of many chapters to keep the reader Ruth Eastham has the ability to describe things in her stories that help her readers picture what her characters see and feel what they are feeling.

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