Review : Skulduggery Pleasant: The Dying Of the Light

  • Title: Skulduggery Pleasant: The Dying Of the Light
  • Author: Derek Landy
  • Series: Yes Book 9 of Skulduggery Pleasant (final)
  • Genre: Supernatural detective
  • Available in the library: Yes hardcopy and Kindle

Skulduggery Pleasant: The Dying Of the Light – review by Karune Walker

The_Dying_of_the_Light_CoverNow if you are a massive fan of Derek Landy’s Skulduggery Pleasant series, then your excitement and hype for this final instalment would have been through the roof, just like mine, which is usually a dangerous thing to do as it can ruin ones reading experience. Thankfully, The Dying of the Light lives up to expectations put on it (mainly by me) and delivers a satisfying conclusion to this amazing series (so far). And yes, there are NO SPOILERS whatsoever in this review so have no fear.

The Dying of the Light begins directly after the events of Last Stand of Dead Men, where Valkyrie Cain has let Darquesse, a powerful sorcerer destined to destroy the world, completely take over her, leaving Skulduggery and Valkyrie’s reflection, Stephanie, with the task of forming an army in order to defeat Darquesse and save Valkyrie.

I’ll just be straightforward. This book is dark. Very dark. It still contains its witty humour that Landy is known for, but you can tell he has moved away and I think it actually helps the story. Yes the humour is good, but I believe it would have held the story back if it was ever present. The dark tones set in the novel helps emphasise the calamity that Skulduggery is facing, which is the most powerful sorcerer ever known about to destroy the world.

The Dying of the Light is also loves delving into the backstories of a lot of characters and we gain an insight to character motivations and why they do what they do. It may seem boring to some but the numerous backstories presented to us just add to the hopeless situation that the characters find themselves in as well as makes you sympathise with many of them.

Also, this novel is violent. Excessively violent. And gruesome. Sure, the previous Skulduggery novels had their fair share of violence and gruesomeness (The Faceless Ones *cough *cough) but it was never on the level of this. Thankfully this does not turn into a “Game of Thrones”, but comes close to it though and I feel the novel loses it shock value of violence when it really needs it towards the end.

On a side note, a second story following a new character, Danny, also takes place but his tale is scattered throughout the book in various chapters and acts as a nice break from the action, allowing for you read to just sink in. Danny’s story is not pointless though, as it does tie in cleverly to the novels conclusion, which I did not see coming.

Overall, The Dying of the Light is a brilliant novel and gives a fitting conclusion to the Skulduggery Pleasant series. Its filled with laughs, moments full of feels and is extremely violent compared to what we are used to, which I believe holds it back, but that’s just me. But don’t bother with this review any more. Just go and read this amazing book.

Out of 10, I rate The Dying of the Light:

A 9/10 – Nearly a flawless Skulduggery novel. Why are you sitting here? Go and read it.

The following videos are from a series of interviews with Derek Landy talking about his Skulduggery Pleasant series. (there may be spoiler alerts for other books in the series so watch with caution).

Is there anyone you’ve killed off that you’ve regretted? Did you plan this ending from the beginning?

What now?


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