Live at the Library


Library, lunchtime and music! Last week the three were combined when we launched Live at the Library series. Our VCE Music Solo Performance Piano students played a range of repertoire to an appreciative audience of staff and students.




It was rewarding to be able to perform in front of an appreciative audience at the library.  Thanks to the staff for making it possible.  I would like to encourage other musicians to have a go and earn some valuable performance practice at the library.  It is a lovely environment to sit and listen to some music and I am looking forward to playing again soon.
Sean Year 12


I enjoyed watching the guys preform on the piano. It was good to see what they’d been learning.
Dillon Year 7



It was a good experience for me as a performer. It really helped as it was the first time l’d performed my VCE repertoire. Sean and Anthony’s performance was insightful as we’re playing the same pieces. It was a good stepping stone for performing my repertoire. It was a receptive, positive and welcoming environment. It was fun!
Adam Year 12


Thanks to Sean, Anthony and Adam for their wonderful performances and thanks to the Music Department for supporting this event. We’re looking forward to future performances.


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