New Manga series have arrived – reserve your copy now!

Just arrived great new Manga series. Brief description by Karune Walker.

To reserve any of these titles scroll to the bottom and click on the link.

Death Note – Average high school senior Light Yagami is tired of constantly tired of hearing news about murder and death. This all changes when he discovers the Death Note, a notebook which kills anyone whose name is written inside it. With it, Light Yagami is determined to make the world a better place, but first, he must take on the mysterious L.

Attack On Titan – For over a century, the remnants of humanity have sheltered themselves, within a three layered wall, from the humanoid titans. Little is known about the titans except that they are determined on consuming humanity, who are safe from inside the walls. However, humanity is endangered once again when a colossal titan emerges.

Bleach – Ichigo Kurosaki is your normal everyday high school student, except for the fact that he can see spirits. His life takes a sudden turn when he meets Rukia Kuchiki, a soul reaper who battles against the demonic hollows. Suddenly Ichigo is thrust into a quest where he must protect the innocent and battle against chaos itself.

Look out for a full review from Karune soon.

Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex – In the future where technology has allowed the creation or modification of humans, a police special task force known as Section 9 does battle against the worst the criminals. This cybernetically enhanced squad protects the innocent from hackers, kidnappers and the notorious laughing man.

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