Review : This house is haunted by John Boyne

  • Title: This house is haunted
  • Author: John Boyne
  • Series: No – stand alone
  • Genre: Supernatural/Historical
  • Available in the library: Yes

This house is haunted by John Boyne

First Sentence:

“I blame Charles Dickens for the death of my father”.

Reviewed by Ms Anderson, Library:

Written by John Boyne (Author of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas) this is, as the title suggests, a ghost story with a Dickens twist. It is entertaining yet chilling and is a very easy read. Set in Victorian England 1867, and having lost her father and with no family, the young Eliza Caine decides to leave London and answers an advertisement for a governess at Gaudlin Hall in Norfolk. Right from the very beginning things just don’t seem to go well for Eliza, on her journey she is very shaken up by an incident on the station platform when she feels a pair of invisible hands pushing her from behind into the path of an approaching train. Fortunately she is saved by a doctor who was standing near, but he tells her that there was no one behind her at the time. He is then joined by his wife and they both seem concerned about Eliza until she mentions the name of her destination, whereupon their helpful attitude changes and they move away. When she finally arrives, shaken, at the hall she is greeted by the two children in her care, Isabella and Eustace. There are no parents, no adults at all, and no one to represent her mysterious employer. The children offer no explanation. Later that night in her room, a second terrifying experience further reinforces the sense that something is very wrong. From the moment she rises the following morning, her every step seems dogged by a malign presence which lives within Gaudlin’s walls. Eliza realises that if she and the children are to survive its violent attentions, she must first uncover the hall’s long-buried secrets and confront the demons of its past…

Without wanting to give anything else away, I recommend you read this entertaining historical tale. Perfect for rugging up with a hot cup of cocoa, late at night of course, this winter!

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