Review : Itch by Simon Mayo

  • Title: Itch
  • Author: Simon Mayo
  • Series:  Itch – Book 1
  • Genre: Adventure/Sci-fi
  • Available from the library: Yes – paperback and Kindle

    Itch - Book 1

    Itch – Book 1

First Sentence:

“The earthquake was a small one.” 

Reviewed by Ms Powling

The main character, who has the marvellous name of Itchinham Lofte, is fairly ordinary 14-year-old who loves science and has one obsession, his collection of elements. His obsession puts him and his friends in a lot of danger.There is plenty of intrigue and action with a bad guy, in the form of a mad scientist and a ruthless corporation with dubious morals laying claim to the new element Itch has in his hands. Is the element dangerous and did it cause the death of the mysterious traveller “Cake”? Itch needs to know more but who can he trust with his secret?An action adventure with a science theme made this book a little unusual. The pace was brisk and the ending a good one. So, after believing you have poisoned your whole class with arsenic gas then going on the run from a your mad science teacher and to top it off almost dying of radiation poisoning, what adventures could there be to write about? There were a few big questions unanswered at the end of the book so there are enough things open for a follow-up story.

Itch Rocks - Book 2

Itch Rocks – Book 2


Itch Rocks by Simon Mayo is the second book in this series and is also available in the library in Kindle format.

Itchingham - Simon Mayo's Website

Go to Itchingham – Simon Mayo’s Website

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