Have you watched an amazing movie, read a great book or played any exciting games lately?

PublishedThen we want to hear about it. 

We would love to publish and share with our readers any reviews you would like to submit.

They can be for

  • Movies – new releases or out on DVD
  • Books – fiction, graphic novel or non-fiction
  • Or maybe you watched the movie & read the book (or vice versa) & you are now eager to give us your opinion on which was better
  • Games – PS3, PC, Xbox or even Phone app games
  • Websites or blogs

Some examples of published student reviews :

Crysis 2 – a review by Karune Walker

Jasper Jones a review by Josh Bell  

Inside a dog website a review by Julian Vergona

Josh Bell’s review (from March 2011)  of Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey, is still one of our most visited posts.

Or maybe creating a Video Book review is something that appeals to you more.

or maybe a video review like this one

We look forward to receiving and reading your reviews.

Thank you


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