The Poetry Visitor


The Poetry Visitor_001The Poetry Visitor by Steven Herrick.


Steven Herrick’s visit to our school was a great experience for everyone. The great thing about Steven, is that he writes his poems from what goes on in his life so they are aimed at all ages. Whether his poems be about going to the footy or about a certain person, they are always very creative. I’ve borrowed one of his books called ‘Love Poems and Leg Spinners’ and so far I have loved it. He is a great poet.

Sam  Year 7



Steven Herrick is very funny and quite a character. He is a very talented poet.

Nicholas Year 7

Steven Herrick was great and entertaining. Who knew poetry could be so interesting?

Jack Year 7



I was really impressed with Steven Herrick’s visit to Whitefriars. I thought that poetry was quite dull and a bit on the boring side, but Steven’s talk was really funny and very engaging. I would definitely listen to him speak again and I would recommend his poetry to any other Year 7 English students.

Oscar Year 7


Steven’s books are displayed in the library. If you’d like to see him read some of his poems, check out the large screen. You can find out lots more about Steven on his website.





Thanks for visiting Whitefriars Steven!

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