Review: What the raven saw by Samantha-Ellen Bound – reviewed by Luke Murphy

what-the-raven-sawTitle: What the Raven Saw; Author: Samantha-Ellen Bound; Publishers: Random House Books/Woodshed Press;  IBSN: 978-174275-735-3

 “What The Raven Saw” is a strange, yet enticing read. I simply couldn’t put it down! Set in a Church graveyard, the raven learns that it pays to be kind to others. I quite enjoyed the way that the author Samantha-Ellen Bound portrayed the Raven to be such a pompous and self-centred bird who doesn’t need anyone around him. I also liked the way she named each Chapter with a Church Hymn. As the novel progresses, the audience is shown a different side of the Raven; a side of him that was locked away. This was the Ravens compassion for others. To look at this novel with a religious perspective, you could say that the Raven was the “Prodigal Son” who had many treasures, but was lost without others around him. It was only when these he lost he’s treasures that he started to made better relationships with those around him. This novel was an easy read for me, so I would recommend those between 12-14 years old. However, there are a few expressions or words in this novel that only older readers  would understand.

 “What The Raven Saw” is a great novel and I suggest that everyone should go and read it.

Thank you Luke for your great review of What the raven saw, it has certainly inspired me to read this book and I hope others will do the same.


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