We celebrated NYR in style!

Our final event celebrating NYR was Hear It! And hear it we did! Students, staff, families and the wider community heard from Bec Kavanagh, Declan Fay and Tim Pegler.

As the audience arrived, the Junior Guitar Ensemble performed in the functions room, setting the scene for a wonderful evening.  They were followed by Bailey who entertained us with his wonderful solo rendition.

While in the theatre, our student ushers, Owen, Julian, Wyatt and Nick directed us to our seats, and our talented pianists Jackson, Adrian and Luke welcomed us.

Hear It! was an inspiring night where three authors/writers talked about their experiences in the profession. It was a very motivating session which covered a range of topics about reading and writing alike. For many aspiring writers, there was lots of advice and knowledge to gain. Hear It! has encouraged me, and I’m sure many others, to continue with an enjoyment of all aspects of writing, and in particular to appreciate reading.      Nick

The night was interesting and engaging.      Owen

It was entertaining and the speakers kept us engaged. They gave us very useful  information.      Julian

It was really good. I really enjoyed the night. The speakers engaged the audience and we felt part of the discussion.      Wyatt

Declan was pretty funny. It made me think l should read more books.      Tommy

It was very entertaining and funny. It was certainly worth going to. The authors had lots of interesting things to talk about.      Adam

I thought the talk night was very good. The writers speaking inspired me to write more about what l want and that nothing is impossible.              Jackson

Following on from discussion on the night about whether journalism was dead, Tim has written a post on his blog titled ‘Are newspapers terminal?’

Every detail was just perfect and it was so inspirational. I wish all the boys could have been there.      Marina

I had to drag my son there and l had to drag him home!      Melissa

Our very capable students, Enoch, Fransisko and Gary managed the sound and lighting on the evening.

Our professional student photographers, Andrew and Daniel, captured the event.

Thanks to Bec, Declan and Tim for their generosity and inspiration.

Thanks to Father Paul for supporting our NYR events, Cherie for assisting with the publicity and set up, Nat, Stuart and music staff for their support with ensembles and technical assistance, Scott from the maintenance team, staff and parents for assisting with supper, and students, staff, families and wider community for supporting this event.

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