Forgotten Book – Shallow Graves

Shallow Graves in Siberia by Michael Krupa

By Ms Claire Anderson.

This is perhaps one of the most compelling books I have ever read!

It is not so much a forgotten book, rather an undervalued novel that’s needs to be read to be believed.

I found this book after watching the movie “The Way Back” and did some research to find out its authenticity. This book is the true story of one man’s survival during WW2, but before you switch off, (not another War book) I can tell you its so remarkable, you’ll think it can’t be true.The story of the suffering inflicted on millions in Stalin’s camps has been told before – but Krupa’s story is unique. He retells his gruelling and traumatic experiences with clarity, honesty and courage, never overdramatising.

Michael Krupa was born into a poor family in south-west Poland and was accepted into a Jesuit seminary. He ran away before taking his final vows and joined the army. Krupa survived Hitler’s invasion but served ten years in a labour camp in Siberia before escaping to Afghanistan after an epic journey. Here he tells his remarkable story. Without giving away too much, its fair to say Krupa had to survive this ordeal inorder to write this novel. (So there is a happy ending!)  But as Krupa was never the same man after his experiences, you too will definitely be moved by the courage and tragedy of this story.

 What others have to say about this book:

Read in one sitting could not put it down, can’t believe that he is 96 years old and lives to tell the tale! Good Reads

5 Stars  – Absolutely Amazing, better than any James Bond. Well worth the read, could not put it down. Wow!

Read more about Michael Krupa and his journey here .

Watch the movie trailer on the movie The way back directed by Peter Weir which is inspired by this book.


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