Review: Dragon Hunter by Nazam Anhar – reviewed by Luke Murphy

Dragon Hunter


Nazam Anhar. 

Review by Luke Murphy 

Difference, Danger and Dragons: These are all found in Nazam Anhar’s novel Dragon Hunter.

I must say, I’m not a big fan of dragons. I don’t even play video games with dragons in them, such as ‘The Elder Scrolls VSkyrim, but after reading this book it has shown me a different perspective of the mythical creatures. I like how Nazam had portrayed the scene for the reader, allowing adequate information to be able to understand where a character is, but also leaves enough room for imagination to make the book more enjoyable. I must praise Nazam for this great effect in Dragon Hunter. Although I very much enjoyed the novel, I felt that I was a little too old for this book. I would strongly consider this book to those between school years four and eight, so from ages ten to fourteen who are interested in Dragons and the eras in which such stories are set. I think Nazam has provided a great read and I anticipate reading more of his novels.

(Nazam Anhar; Dragon Hunter; Published by Scholastic; 2012; IBSN 978-1-74283-030-8; $16.99hb)


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