Celebrate NYR : Enter our Film It! Video Competition for a chance to win a Kindle

Like the idea of winning a Kindle? Then enter one of our major events to celebrate NYR: 

Film It! Video Competition: closing date extended until Friday 17th August.

Students are invited to submit a short video that promotes reading or about a favourite book they have read.

First prize is a Kindle eReader

People’s Choice Award is a $30 itunes card

Conditions of entry:

  1. The competition is open to all students enrolled at Whitefriars College.
  2. Minimum length 30 seconds and maximum length 3 minutes.
  3. The video must be original,  unpublished and created by one person.
  4. Any images, music etc. that you use in the video must be your own or Creative Commons.
  5. The video must be of a standard that can be viewed by the general public.
  6. The winning video will be the one that best promotes reading or a book & will be judged on both its creative & technical merit.
  7. Entries must be completed and submitted by 4pm Friday 17th August 2012. Submit your entries on a DVD/CD or USB.
  8. The Peoples Choice Award will be judged by the student & staff body and voting closes Friday 31st August 2012.
  9. Shortlist announced on Friday 17th August 2012.
  10. Winners announced Monday 10th September 2012.

For a list of links to find Creative Commons images and music go to this Wiki. There is also other useful general information listed on this Wiki about making book trailers which could be applied when making your short reading video. The Book Trailer Assesment Rubric  will give you ideas that will make the difference between an OK video and a winning video.

Check out thise videos for some inspiration:

 The video could be an advertisement about reading like this very clever one from the UK.

Another advertisement for a reading program at a US library

Or it could be about the benefits of reading – this is one of them!

mmm it seems to be all about how to get the girl!

Or write a song and set your video to music like Julian Smith’s Reading a Book.

Or interview someone famous about reading and what it means to them. Or maybe someone “famous” in our own WFC community.


5 thoughts on “Celebrate NYR : Enter our Film It! Video Competition for a chance to win a Kindle

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    • Thank you. We had the launch today. Popcorn and fantails in the library watching the DVD of these videos plus ideas for the photo comp. I was sick though so not there but believe it went well and Father Paul and a few other staff came along as well.

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