Celebrate NYR: What can you do? Competitions and events happening all year long.

So what’s happening in the Library to celebrate and promote the National Year of Reading?

  • Like the idea of winning a Kindle? Then look out for more news about one of our major events Film It! Video Competition. Students will be invited to submit a short video to promote reading. First prize is a Kindle eReader and Peoples Choice Award (judged by the students) is a $30 itunes card.

  • Where do you like to read? Where have you seen people reading? What is the most unusual place you have read or seen someone else reading? Our Snap It! Photography Competition may be for you. All you have to do is to photograph yourself or someone else reading. The best photo and the photo of the most unusual place for reading will each win a prize. More details soon on this competition.

  • Guess It! Reading Quiz Answer the weekly quiz question about reading. The more you answer correctly the more points you win. Prizes awarded to the three students and the three staff with the most points at the end of each term. 

  • Read It! Raffle When you come to the library with your English class and borrow a book you will automatically go in to a raffle that is drawn every two weeks. Lots of great prizes.

  • Hear it! A panel of guest speakers discussing reading and writing for teenagers. Mark it in your calendar now – Tuesday October 30th 2012 7pm Whitefriars College Theatre.


Declan Fay

Declan is one of Australia’s leading comedy writers and motivational speakers and is a very funny guy. He has performed at the Comedy festival, the fringe Festival and written for television shows like Rove. He has been published in The Big Issue, Beat, and Inpress, and has appeared on Triple R and Triple J. Declan is very experienced working with all-boy audiences and appeals to young adults and their parents alike. He has spoken at over 600 different schools around Australia. He has never been pelted with fruit, although his dad once threw a Whopper with cheese at him for talking during the Bill.

Tim Pegler

Tim Pegler is the acclaimed YA author of books such as Game as Ned and Five parts dead. He is an award-winning journalist, extensively published in newspapers, magazines and online. Tim’s experience covering social issues, such as homelessness, disability and juvenile justice, provides the foundation for much of his writing for young adults.

Bec Kavanagh

Bec Kavanagh is a reviewer, freelance writer & YA fiction specialist. She is the founder of A Thousand Words Festival, which celebrates and encourages the reading and writing of young adult fiction. In 2010 she appeared at the Melbourne Writers Festival and AussieCon4 (the 68th World Science Fiction Convention). Bec has a breadth of experience reviewing an endless amount of YA novels and running ‘book selection/recommendation’ type sessions for students, staff and parents.

Whitefriars Community NYR Ambassadors Yes we have our own ambassadors who are happy to promote the love of reading. We have already featured Mr Scott Firmin, Ms. Sandra Akers and Mrs Rachel Valentine on our blog and in the In Fide Newsletter. Look out for future posts and articles featuring an interview with each of our WFC ambassadors.

 And on a final note watch the very clever video below to see how the National Year of Reading is all about reading- it does not have to be a book, it can be a magazine, newspaper, blogs and websites, comics and graphic novels or eBooks – just as long as you are reading.


 And remember as Ray Bradbury author of Fahrenheit 451 said: “You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them”

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