Celebrate NYR : Featured Reading Ambassador – Ms. Sandra Akers.

Whitefriars National Year of Reading

Featured Ambassador

Ms. Sandra Akers

What are you reading at the moment? What’s it about?

Apart from my usual favourite mags like Popular Science, New Scientist & National Geographic, I am reading Area 51 about the CIA & its secret base. I am halfway through a collection of novels by Virginia Andrews, & starting a collection of novels of CIA operative Mitch Rapp by Vince Flynn. I have been browsing “A slice of Pi” about maths & things like how to prove that 2=1.

Where is your favourite place to read?

I will read anywhere. When I was a kid I got an old car seat & installed it in my official tree. Everyone in my family had a tree. (No I did not live in Warrandyte & my parents were not hippies, just new migrants from Italy) At home now I have a folly which an ex Whitefriars boy built for me at the top of my back yard. It is a weatherboard room with French doors that open out on to a little deck. I also like reading in the car on a cool windy day because it gets warm.

Where is the strangest or most memorable place where you read a book? 

The most memorable place is probably at Mt. Baw Baw because all you can hear are the skiers swishing down the slopes & the rattle of the pomas. I had a nice hot coffee & a book with me as I sat on some rocks. Or maybe it was in the middle of a hot day on the top of my uncle’s Shark cat in the sun, while the rest of the crew fished for our dinner. Then again perhaps it was when I lived in Italy for a while up in the hills looking out to sea in my great grandmother’s vineyard in the hot Mediterranean sun… yeah?

Can you remember your favourite book as a youngster?

When I was little I loved Dr Seuss’ Go dog go”, especially the part where all the dogs lived together on that giant tree.

What is your favourite maths topic and why?

I like networks because it starts of as “gummy” maths where you can’t really see much order or point to it and then it goes off in lots of directions lots of and applications. It is used in unique ways to solve problems, like traffic flows, multitasking, learning in robots, decision making when you are confronted with multiple things happening at different times some dependent and others not dependent on each other. It’s used for decision making in economics, international and diplomatic relations and business decision making, neural networks in statistics and in psychology when developing things like personality models.

Thanks for sharing Ms. Akers


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