Celebrate NYR : Featured Reading Ambassador – Mr Scott Firmin

Whitefriars National Year of Reading

Featured Ambassador

Mr Scott Firmin 




  • What are you reading and why?

 I read the Herald Sun newspaper daily, it is a way to pass time and relax whilst on my coffee and lunch breaks. I’m not really into news and the Herald Sun is more like a magazine rather than a newspaper.  I also read recipe books. The most common one is a microwave preserve book.  I’m keen on making my own jams and preserves at the moment which are sold to raise funds for the environment group.

  • What’s it about?

 The newspaper is daily news gossip and light entertainment. The cookbook… well the title speaks for itself.

  • Would you recommend it to others?

Sure if you’re interested in making your own preserves, go for it, they are really simple recipes and easy to do.

  • What are some of your favourite books/authors?

When I was younger I really got into Victor Kelleher. I also think I still have my original collection of Paul Jennings books. LOL, I even got two of them signed by Paul himself.

  •  Do you have a favourite recipe or gardening tip that you can share? 

No I keep all my tips a secret, if I share them then I put myself out of a job, LOL, it’s all about supply and demand you know!

  • Where’s the strangest place or the best place you can remember reading a book? 

Nothing strange about it, but I often take a good reference book out into the college bushland and ID some of the great natives growing here at the college.

Thanks for sharing Mr Firmin.


2 thoughts on “Celebrate NYR : Featured Reading Ambassador – Mr Scott Firmin

  1. Hi Scott, I miss your gorilla bushes. We don’t have any such thing at Melbourne High School. Often wonder what you would do with the open grassy banks.

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