Student Review – Diary of a Wimpy Vampire: Prince of Dorkness

Diary of a Wimpy Vampire: Prince of Dorkness by Tim Collins

Book Review by Julian Virgona

Diary of a Wimpy Vampire: Prince of Dorkness, written by Tim Collins, is a Comedy Fantasy book and also a parody of the Twilight and Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, about teenage vampire Nigel Mullet as he goes through his day to day life in a year. Transformed at the awkward age of fifteen, Nigel must deal with the troubles of being a teenager for the rest of eternity, which includes everything from changing styles through the decades to trying to capture the heart of the girl of his dreams.

With a head start on the latter, Nigel has a girlfriend, his ‘true love’ Chloe, and is popular at school for the first time in his life. However, this seemingly perfect situation for Nigel is quick to change when a new kid arrives at school. But who is this boy and what is it about him that has Nigel’s entire life falling apart?

The book is written in the classic Diary of a Wimpy Kid style with the handwriting-like font and the chapters broken up into months and days to make it feel like a real diary. Diary of a Wimpy Vampire 2 has a very captivating storyline. It has some amazing plot twists that will definitely make you gawk and not only is it both interesting and funny, but it’s very relatable too. Not often do you find a book where the main character is fifteen. Usually they are either sixteen or seventeen or younger still at around thirteen. However, this is one of the books strongest features. It captures teenage problems perfectly such as being ignored by your family, romantic troubles, social groups at school and even Facebook Stalking!

This makes you relate to Nigel to a degree where you start to feel how he is feeling and understand what he is going through. If you have had any experience with one of the above mentioned examples, you’re going to find relating with Nigel a breeze as he has a run in with each, some for only a good chapter or two while others span over the entire book.

Collins did well in mirroring Diary of a Wimpy Kid, but the books only ‘parody’ of the series is the messy handwriting and the comedic pictures. Also, there isn’t much Twilight parody in this book either. I have read both series so I was expecting some really obvious jokes and big laughs but Diary of a Wimpy Vampire parodies the books more in a way of mixing the two series into one series as opposed to making fun of every aspect of the books. A few gags did make me chuckle but this book had more witty humour, that wasn’t even to do with making fun of the other books, than laugh-out-loud humour. Regardless, I still thoroughly enjoyed the book and found it very hard to put down.

The character of Nigel is written extremely well as you really believe he is a one hundred year old vampire just by the way he talks, acts and thinks. He is much more believable as a vampire than those in Twilight which is probably a parody in itself. I really liked how in this book, they brought back the classic vampires who must drink human blood and simply get hurt by the sun (though not to the degree that they die). I really liked some of the fun little twists in the lifestyle of these vampires Collins introduced as well, like the vampires drinking their blood from flasks they’ve filled up on hunting trips. However, the only thing I found a little bit weird in an otherwise great storyline is why Nigel’s family transformed Nigel’s sister at such a young age. She was transformed at around ten so she will remain thinking, speaking and acting like a ten year old for all of eternity. It was all for laughs, I know, but I just found it a little bit ridiculous.

In conclusion though, Diary of a Wimpy Vampire: Prince of Dorkness is a very fun book to read. Despite failing to impress in terms of its laughs and parodying of Twilight and Diary of a Wimpy Kid, the book still has a great, captivating storyline, believable characters and a relatable main character. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has enjoyed the actual books of the above mentioned parodies or even would like to read a good, modernised book about vampires that isn’t Twilight.

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