Freshly shelved – Fiction

We have received lots of new fiction over the last month or so. There have been some new releases by some old favourites. 

And some new additions to our most popular series:

  • Peoples Republic  – is book 1 in a second Cherub series by Robert Muchamore 
  • Survivor is book 2 in James Phelan’s Alone series 
  • The power of six the next book after I am number four by Pitticus Lore
  • Derek Landy has released the 6th book Death bringer in the Skulduggery Pleasant series 
  • Dark Zone is book 4 in the Galahad series by Dom Testa 
  • Young Sherlock Holmes by Andrew Lane has a new title Black Ice, the 3rd book in his series
  • The 2nd book in the new Tripwire series by Steve Cole Deathwing has just arrived.
  • The exciting sequel to Inside Out by Marie V Snyder Outside in is a great read

We have also received a number of new series which you will want to check out

Assassins’s Creed by Oliver Bowden – we have Renaissance , Brotherhood, and Secret Crusade. Based on the popular video game.

There is a new series called Numbers and we have 3 books from this series Numbers, Chaos and Infinity.  This series has received rave reviews and won lots awards and deservedly so. The first book starts with the main character Jem, who has the ability to “see” the date someone will die when she looks into their eyes. 

“Numbers is a true pulse racing narrative, leaving you breathless after only the first chapter. Rachel Ward writes with a flair, picking out life’s more delicate moments amongst an unforgiving account of escape and hardship.” – John Lloyd, Waterstones.

See the slideshow below for all new titles.


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