Whose bookshelf is it?

Can you guess who the bookshelves belong to?

Here is a list of the names of people who belong to these bookshelves. Try to match these names (they each have a number) with the bookshelf you think

belongs to them (they each have a letter).

To see a better picture of the bookshelves click on  View all images under the slideshow and on the page it takes you to on the right hand side click on FULL SCREEN.

You can email us librarystaff@whitefriars.vic.edu.au or collect an answer sheet from the library. This competition is also displayed in the staffroom. Thank you and good luck!

1. Ms Rotar

2. Mrs Akers

3. Mrs Newell

4. Mrs Scott

5. Mrs Benne

6. Ms Tecklenburg

7. Mrs Sheko

8. Mrs Power

9. Julian Virgona

10. Mr Treyvaud

11. Daniel O’Loughlin

12. Ms Scicluna

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