Students collaborate to write a serialised Science Fiction story

This year I have been encouraging our student blog authors to take more ownership of the blog, and have been pleased to see students initiate writing projects and take full responsibility for publishing. This means students also learn how to publish in a blog, adding images and video, tags and categories.

I am happy to announce that our blog authors have been joined by two more students, Matt Wilson and Connor O’Brien, in a collaborative writing project initiated by Matt – Seeds we sow. This Science-Fiction narrative will be written by Matt Wilson, Connor O’Brien, Joshua Bell, Julian Virgona and Karune Walker. Each chapter will be written by a different author and serialised in this blog. 

Here is Matt’s synopsis of the story:

The setting is a planet colonized by space-faring humans as a farming safe house, but after losing contact with Earth over hundreds of years, the colonists revert back to feudalism. In the hierarchical Systems there are the Masters, Men and the Workers. The story begins just as a Worker finds an ancient artifact that ultimately contains clues to the source of life. The source of the artifact itself is shrouded in mystery, may be even something of extra-terrestrial origin. Whatever the artifact is, contains a code with more than a few people interested in it.

SEEDS WE SOW is a spine tingling story that delves into deep space and history both of the past and the future.
Matt has created a trailer for Seeds we sow. This is a very exciting project and I hope you’ll enjoy the story as it unfolds week by week.
Matt has used Creative Commons video and music.

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