A Review of the Whitefriars’ Production of Agatha Christie’s ‘And Then There Were None’

 By Julian Virgona

“Ten little soldier boys
Went out to dine
One choked his little self
And then there were Nine.

Nine little soldier boys
Sat up very late
One overslept himself
And then there were Eight…”


Last night, I had the delight in attending the second showing of the Whitefriars production of Agatha Christie’s ‘And Then There Were None’. This play is a take on Christie’s 1939 novel of the same name. The play is set in the 1930s as ten unsuspecting guests, who have never met each other before, are lured onto a deserted and isolated island where they are to meet their unknown host. Soon enough however a series of murders start occurring, leading to tension, drama and suspicions amongst the guests.

I am a large fan of crime genre whether it is in a play, a movie, a TV show or a book, so I knew I was going to enjoy this play, but to what extent was all I could wonder. The very first thing I noticed when I walked into the Healy-Wilson Theatre was, of course, the set. It drew me in from the second I saw it. It captured the 1930s feel of the play quite well and it looked very professional and real.

The actual play was amazing to watch! The acting was terrific. Each and every actor (including two from Siena College) did a great job in portraying characters from the 1930s of different morals, beliefs, ages and occupations. The subtle humour and some actual laugh-out loud moments were unexpected and added another layer of enjoyment to this great production. The storyline was intense, suspenseful. It was very well written. No wonder it is one of Agatha Christie’s best. I was always on the edge of my seat, trying to figure out who the murderer was and I could never pick out who it was throughout the course of the play. The way the murders and everything played out was very smart and creative. It kept me thinking.

Overall, the Whitefriars production of ‘And Then There Were None’ was a thrill to watch and experience. The acting and storyline was truly amazing and it along with the set captured the feel of the 1930s and kept you on the edge of your seat, engaged in the story the whole way through. Well done to everyone involved in the play, the actors and the backstage crew and set producers. I, and no doubt everyone else, thoroughly enjoyed the play and look forward to possibly seeing you in future productions inside and outside of school.


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