Crysis 2 Review

Crysis 2 Review by Karune Walker

Crysis 2 is a first-person shooter game developed by Crytek and published by EA. The game was released on March the 24th 2011, on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC and is the sequel to the highly received Crysis and Crysis Warhead. But is the game really great? Read on to find out.


In my time of console gaming, Crysis 2 is probably the best looking game to date with the use of the CryEngine 3 game engine. Unlike previous games, Crysis 2 basks in light. Light can be seen coming through trees, glass or any other possible way you would view it with your own eyes. The amazing graphics are enhanced with the great soundtrack of the game and the sound effects. The soundtrack later in the game gives you a feeling like you are a part of something. The sound effects throughout the game fill the room with a quality you would not find in most games.

The story in the campaign is not the best I have ever played, but since a sequel and it does not have a lot of connections with its predecessors; it’s very good for people who have never played a game in the series before. The story may be slow at the start but has an ending which gets you of what could happen next.


The gameplay revolves mostly around the powers of the characters Nanosuit. This suit has three modes that the player has access to. These are Stealth, Power and Armor. Stealth mode turns you invisible so you can sneak up on your enemies; Power mode gives you superhuman strength so you can toss objects or enemies across the street with absolute ease. Amour mode basically makes a walking tank. Each mode drains energy from your suit that recharges when not in use. It is easy to master the modes of the suit but harder to use them in a way that you don’t get killed too easily, which I like about the game because most games I have played don’t offer you anything that takes time to master. Switching between the modes is quick and easy.

The level designs are not only wide but also tall. This allows you different ways to complete a level as well as different tactical options to take out enemies such as sniping. The game also has many types of enemies which require thinking about how to get past. You might feel like an unstoppable tank against the human soldiers, but fighting against the alien Ceph requires a lot more thinking about how to take them out. All of this is very good because the game controls well and smoothly. That said the frame rate does sometimes lag if you are in a giant battle, this problem is not huge in the campaign but is a problem in the multiplayer.


The multiplayer in Crysis 2 is much like Call of Duty. The player must level up in order to unlock weapons, abilities and custom classes and they do this by fighting other players. What is different is all the players are given the power of the Nanosuit so 18 players killing each other switching between modes may be fun but there are some balance issues between Amour, Power and Stealth. One power basically dominates the others unless you know how to use your power effectively. The maps offered in the multiplayer are fantastic. Each map has its own unique strategies that you can discover and all game types can work on them. As I pointed out before though, when the frame rate lags in multiplayer it can be annoying. One moment you could be shooting someone and the next you could be killed by the same guy you were shooting at. Fortunately, this does not happen that often but when it does, it really annoys you.

The Verdict

Crysis 2 is a beautiful game with amazing sound, graphics, smart gameplay, a good campaign and multiplayer but it does have some balance issues and frame rate problems but overall it is a fantastic game that you should not miss out on.

I rate this game 9/10 


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