PlayStation Network Down: A good thing or a bad thing?

By Julian Virgona 

By now, nearly everyone would know the ‘crisis’ that has hit PlayStation Network (PSN) users all over the world, and I’m not talking about the recently released game ‘Crysis 2’. No, I’m referring to the recent downing of the PlayStation Network, which has rendered online access of any sort, from purchases on the online store to multiplayer gameplay, impossible.
As released in the news on Wednesday 27th April, PSN has been hacked by an unknown source, determined to ‘jailbreak’ the network in order to obtain free downloads. Sony quickly reacted to this and shut down PlayStation Network to prevent any further hacking or theft of the products on the store.

Something I, a PlayStation gamer myself, find funny is that nearly every gamer concerned about this matter researched it on the internet and came to the conclusion that PSN had probably been hacked. However, it took Sony a week to confirm that information. A little bit silly of Sony not to have confirmed this earlier, but maybe they were waiting until they fixed the problem to release how it broke down and the gamers beat them to the punch, so they had to confirm it for the millions of complaining PS3 owners.

Anyway, this seemingly cataclysmic event has left millions of die-hard gamers furious, but technological failure such as this makes you think… Was the downing of PlayStation Network a good thing, or a bad thing?

Millions upon millions of gamers all over the world revolve their lives around the multiplayer component of many games, one of the most known and addictive being, dare I say it, the Call of Duty Franchise. In fact, a statistic known as ‘Get Some Sun’ actually shown in the game show that over 7,000 YEARS of gameplay has been spent on Black Ops, to date, since the release date in early November 2010. Numerous other statistics show players have collectively run around the earth 129, 069 times and have shot over 1.1 trillion bullets. Can you imagine people sitting in front of their TVs day in day out doing nothing but playing COD, abusing others over the microphone and awaiting their unsuspecting prey to walk over their cleverly planted claymore?

I will stop myself there, before I get onto a rant about Call of Duty, but these stats alone show it was actually a good thing for the PlayStation Network to go down, even just for a few weeks. More socially than economically of course. I admit to playing a bit of Call of Duty and a fair amount of Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood myself, but this downing has actually managed to force a lot of gamers to, as the stat suggests, Get Some Sun!

Conveniently enough (or not), the downing happened on the Easter Weekend. Cue a million and one complaints about how this ‘epic fail’ has ruined millions of people’s Easter Weekend. But didn’t this just ruin those who are anti-social, family rejecting gamers? This downing has stopped many people from just sitting in front of the TV, knifing someone in the back for an Easter Present. It possibly could have pulled them away from their TV just for a day to have lunch with their family or have a date with their girlfriend, rather than one with their online rival.

Overall, the hacking and downing of PlayStation Network was possibly the best thing that could have happened to millions of people around the world for their Easter Weekend, and the couple of weeks it will take to get the Network back up and running. Yes, you Xbox 360 gamers will be laughing at us for a while, but while you do remember, us PS3 gamers will still be laughing at you, with our money in our hands, instead of the hands of Microsoft.

And for those PS3 gamers who are wondering when PSN will be back up, Sony has confirmed it to be up around May 3rd!

What do you think? Is PlayStation Network being down a good thing or a bad thing?


9 thoughts on “PlayStation Network Down: A good thing or a bad thing?

  1. One vital thing you are forgetting is that through this, many personaly details are at risk or have already been stolen from users of the Playstation Network (and Sony itself confirmed this). Not only is this unacceptable from a wealthy and supposedly “technologically advanced” business such as Sony but it is outright dangerous and life-ruining, with the threat of credit and bank details possibly being stolen (may I remind you that the Playstation Network includes all aspects of a Playstation user, including sign-up, personal info and payment options for online Sony purchasing – not just multiplayer).

    As well as this, the fact of the matter is that all the Sony customers have been promised Playstation Network access through the purchase of their console, to have this taken away is a breach of that agreement, and through this Sony may get into serious trouble especially since, as I have stated previously, personal information has been stolen.

    On top of all this, should we really be using this issue to make judgements upon users of the Playstation Network? Many of these people use games simply as a way to relax and unwind, and the ‘hardcore’ gamers who you so openly mock are doing what they enjoy. Maybe it is unhealthy, but that is their choice. If someone is overweight and suddenly for some inexplicable reason their source of food disappears, do we tell them “Well it serves you right for eating so much, now start exercising!”? No, we let them live their lives as they see fit (and in that case try to give them some food, starvation is lethal, if you didn’t already know…)

    • Yes, I did realise that, but I decided not to bring it up, as it may outweigh my pros, because that is quite a strong point. I do mention however, it is better socially more than economically.

      I guess we really shouldn’t really mock all the hardcore gamers, as I mentioned, I’m a bit of a gamer myself, but it still isn’t the most ideal lifestyle, just to sit in front of the TV for your entire life, without moving at all.

      Plus, I’m not saying ‘serves you right’, I’m saying ‘while it’s down, they can get some sun and even some exercise, like they should in the first place.’

  2. Very well written and expressed. A few points to support your arguments. Having dealt with German and Japanese companies for the last twenty years, you are spot on in saying Sony found the answer before notifying the public. Secondly, a multiplayer platform being down for any amount of time is a good thing, if only as you say, to get people out to breathe some fresh air and maybe exercise? Lastly, I, like you, found this Easter Weekend interesting, for different reasons. I work in retail sales and had the best weekend on record, despite the 5 day weekend in the middle of school holidays. I had to work. The people that came to the store could have been away with their families enjoying holidays.

    Or they just desperately needed stuff that Sunday……

  3. hate to break it to you, but the multiplayer network being down does nothing to prevent the playing of single player games. so in reality it really did not prevent people from getting their gaming fix.

    • True, but when you think about it, COD multiplayer, along with many other multiplayers, are some of the biggest draw-ins for some games, and what keep people playing a lot of games. Many gamers only really care about multiplayer and never play Single Player, which means they would most likely stop playing while the servers are down…

  4. i think that it is very bad since i am a playstation user and it might take a while to fix. it makes me feel like ive wasted my money on a playstation 3… i miss COD online!

  5. I agree that the Playstaion Network being down is a good thing. It has given gamers a reality check to realise how much time they have wasted when they could be spending time with friends and family.

  6. I like your optimism about gamers doing something more “positive” rather than sitting in front of a TV/Computer but I would say that it only helped other games to be played and maybe at best they were able to whine to somebody via some forum (at least they are not killing some fictional depiction of a human).

    • I guess that is pretty true, but at least they put down COD and hours of mindless killing and swearing for a week or two…

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