Guess who’s been caught reading – Mr Jeremy Freeman

Mr Jeremy Freeman reviews Ian Rankin’s Tooth and Nail 

 I have been keen for a long time to read an Ian Rankin novel and with my regular visit to the local library I finally picked up a book of his. It was Tooth and Nail which is the third novel in the Inspector Rebus series. The book was perfect for my time-poor life as it is 275 pages long and is written at a cracking pace. 

I was bit worried that perhaps it would be difficult to start from the third book in a series but this was not a problem at all. The book makes references to past cases in which I presume were in previous books but this did not distract from the story I was reading.

Ian Rankin is definitely not for a young reader as his language can be a “tad” coarse and the material can be a “little” gruesome. His protagonist, John Rebus, is an inspector from Glasgow who comes to London to help out with a serial killer nicknamed the “Wolfman”. The storyline from then on is pretty straight-forward in this type of genre but Rankin is definitely a master at creating a mood.

What makes Rankin’s writing intriguing to me is the character of Rebus. On one hand he is a character who is intelligent, tough and brave but on the other hand he is vulnerable, moody and somewhat lost.  I love this contrast because it makes Rebus real and more importantly human.
I read the book over three days and enjoyed the experience. It is a book that can be used as an aside from other reading as I have four other books on the go at the moment. I will read another Rankin novel soon but perhaps something a little different from Rebus.

Thanks, Mr Freeman, for sharing with us what you’ve been reading. It’s a busy time of year, and it’s good to hear about books we can still read when we need a break from our routine.

You can read more about this book here.


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