So you want to be a writer…

Allen and Unwin publishers have some excellent information for those of you who aspire to be writers. And I say ‘aspire’ because you, of all people, will prefer to use the word ‘aspire’ in place of ‘want’. Am I right?

You can go to the Writing Centre on Allen and Unwin’s website, or even go that little bit further and subscribe to the monthly e-newsletter.

Photo courtesy of Troy Holden on Flickr

The site is divided into sections. Getting Started is full of useful information, and starts with the question: ‘Is there a book in you?’ as well as a quiz to ascertain (another word especially for you!) how creative you are –

  1. How many smaller words can you create out of the word ‘encyclopaedia’?
  2. How many uses can you think of for a flowerpot?
  3. Imagine the building you are sitting in right now, but upside-down. How would you get from the top to the bottom? What would happen to the cupboards? How would you get in?
  4. How many times today have you made a creative decision?
  5. Consider the following items: a metal bedstead, a broken coat-hanger, three bottles of beer, a fire-alarm sounding, a dog barking. What is going on? Whose room is this and what has just happened? Who is there?
  6. Go to the dampest place in your home or place of work (this may be the garage, a deep cupboard, or the basement). Inhale deeply and then imagine what individual elements make up the small. Try to list all the constituent parts, and to write them down as quickly as possible.

Other sections include:

  • getting published
  • tips on technique
  • writers on writing
  • competition
  • author resources

Stay tuned for more writing resources and tips!


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