Freshly Shelved – Fiction

A snapshot of some of the new fiction from the last couple of months.


5 thoughts on “Freshly Shelved – Fiction

    • Hi Heather
      I realised yesterday that my slideshows no longer show the pet ad. Some time ago I tried to change my settings to get rid of it as it came up on all my slideshows. When I could not find a setting I emailed their support contact and asked that since we are an educational blog could we please have the ad removed as many web 2 apps give you that option if used by schools. I was told that they could not be removed but that they would pass my comments onto their development team. I have not heard anything further. The only setting I did change was that I did not want my slideshows to be reviewed because when I first used this application the pop up that use to come up was “do you want to review this slideshow” and then this was replaced with the pet ad. So maybe try that in settings. Otherwise I am sorry I cannot tell you why I do not have them any longer! good luck with it Cheers Dawn

  1. I was inspired by your slide presentation of ‘freshly shelved’ and one of our work experience students created a slide for manga/graphic novels. One question though, how do you get rid of the adopt a pet radio button? Thanks in anticipation. Heather 🙂

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