Guess who’s been caught reading – Mrs Kearney

Revolver by Marcus Sedgwick

Mrs Kearney has read this book and highly recommends it.

Do you want a book with lots of twists and turns?  A mysterious stranger?  A page turner mystery?

Perhaps this is the book for you!

Sedgwick writes a very chilling tale set in the Arctic Circle in 1910.  Sig, short for Sigfried, has just found his father, frozen to death.  While his step mother, Nadya, and older sister, Anna, go for help Sig must stay

 with his father in their little cabin until they return.  As the day wears on a mysterious bear of a man arrives at the door, demanding to be let in.  He claims that Sig’s father has stolen gold from him and wants it back.As the two wait for Nadya and Anna to return, Sig gradually remembers who this menacing stranger is and how he was connected to his father.  This part of the story is told through flashbacks for the reader.  The more Sig recalls, the more threatening the stranger becomes.  As Sig waits, a prisoner in his own home, he begins to wonder whether he will be able to escape this man.  He finds that his thoughts are drawn towards his father’s battered, old Colt revolver which is carefully hidden, in its box in the store room of the cabin, especially when Anna arrives home alone and the man seems set to kill one or other of the siblings.

Should Sig grab the revolver and use it, or not?

I loved the book.  There are some wonderful descriptions of life, and death, in the very coldest regions of the world, and some intriguing technical descriptions of the workings of the Colt revolver.  This thriller moves along really well and there’s lots of unexpected happenings along the way.

You can read some more background information to Revolver in an interview here.

When I was having a look online for information about Revolver I came across several different covers for it.  In fact you can have a look at FOUR different covers for the book on Marcus Sedgwick’s blog here.

The UK hard back version, with the smoking match, is the one I have seen available in the USA.  You can see why that cover has been chosen once you’ve read the story.  The lower two covers, I think, are perhaps the most menacing of the covers, and I think my favourite would be the blue one, the US hardback.  This one gives you a real taste of the story.  I’d love to hear what your thoughts are.


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