Guess who’s been caught reading – Julian Virgona

Demon Strike, Andrew Newbound

 Reviewed by Julian Virgona (year8)

 Demon Strike, written by Andrew Newbound, is a story following twelve-year-old ghost hunter and psychic Alannah Malarra and her sidekick Wortley Flint. They both get caught up in a dimensional war between Gargoyles, Gnarls and Ghouls from the depths of the Dark Dimension and the A.N.G.E.L.s (not that kind of Angel); a Higher Dimensional Police Force devoted to protecting their Dimension and the Earthly Dimensions, and keeping the portal to the Dark Dimension closed. But when the most dangerous Gnarl in the universe and one of the most powerful psychics on Earth team up, the future of the world is at stake.


Demon Strike is a very strong-willed book with a good story supported by very interesting characters. It all weaves well together and most things are explained in great detail which is essential for a fantasy novel like this one. There were a few confusing characters and confusing scenes in some parts that you need to clear up yourself but only the odd one or two. The characters in this book are your classic fantasy-action novel favourites, the good guys and the bad guys. But they are fun to read about and offer their own unique background stories, both long and brief for the many different characters. The great thing about the story in this book is the plot twists. Every chapter there is yet another one that can alter the course of just about everything! And just when you think it’s over another plot twist appears, throwing everyone back into action.


However, I noticed many similarities between Demon Strike and Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer. The stand out similarity between the two books is the main character (a child prodigy in one way or another) and certain story elements (dimensional beings coming to earth to name one). If you’ve read even one of the Artemis Fowl’s, then you’ll easily pick them up.

I didn’t like Artemis Fowl though, so for me, this is Artemis Fowl only with story and characters ten times better!


Despite these few flaws, Demon Strike is a very well written book. It is very easy to read through a few chapters in one sitting. The words and sentences flow very well together. Newbound is very good at describing scenes and characters, always giving you a clear image of what is going on. He left each chapter in a way that made you wonder what happens next and he ends the book with the hint of a sequel, signalling this book could be the first of a series.


Demon Strike is a fun book to read in both story and characters. If you liked Artemis Fowl then you’ll love this book, and even if you didn’t, you’ll still like Demon Strike! I would recommend it to anybody from eleven and up, especially if you like smart, plot-driven action and fantasy novels with a bit of comedy on the side.

Thanks, Julian, for a brilliant review, and I hope you’ve inspired others to read this book.

Interested in more? Have a look at the Go Away Ghosts website.


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