Steampunk is a fascinating genre which has recently become a bit of a cult.
Here’s a Steampunkish cartoon to whet your appetite. I found it

Image via Scott Westerfeld from here.

So, still not sure what Steampunk is? This may help:



Here’s an example of Lego fan art. It’s one of the German scout walkers from Chapter 18 of Leviathan. You can see more fan art on Scott Westerfeld’s blog post.

Check out Scott Westerfeld’s blog for more interesting stuff. For example, a brilliant paper engineering Steampunk creation.

There are some fascinating author websites for the Steampunk genre.

Take a look at the website of Kenneth Oppel.

Actually, although the interest in Steampunk seems to have arisen (or been resurrected) recently, it’s not a new genre at all:

Steampunk has been around for at least 30 years, with roots going back further. An early example is K.W. Jeter’s 1979 novel Morlock Night, a sequel to H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine in which the Morlocks travel back in time to invade 1890s London. Steampunk–Jeter coined the name–was already an established subgenre by 1990, when William Gibson and Bruce Sterling introduced a wider audience to it in The Difference Engine, a novel set in a Victorian England running Babbage’s hardware and ruled by Lord Byron, who had escaped death in Greece.

You can read the rest of this Time Magazine article here.

Steampod has some great podcasts of steampunk short stories and interviews.

If you’re looking for Steampunk fiction in the library, just use the keyword Steampunk and you’ll find we have quite a list of books. We have a Steampunk brochure too which you can also view as a pdf file here. There’s a heap of stuff there including more cool author websites.

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