Children’s Book Council Awards: Notables & Shortlist – Older Readers.

NEWS/AWARDS/RECOMMENDATIONS                                              (Staff, 7-9, 10-12)

Notable & Shortlisted books nominated in the Older Readers category of this years CBC awards. 

See Slide Show below for more information & for titles that are held in the library.


CHRISTOPHER, Lucy           Stolen                                                                                                         CLARKE, Judith                        Winds of heaven                                                                                                 LARBALESTIER, Justine   Liar                                                                                                                  METZENTHEN, David          Jarvis 24                                                                                                    MILLARD, Glenda                   A Small Free Kiss in the Dark               TANGEY, Penny                        Loving Richard Feynman     


BEATON, Ben                           Mama’s Song                                                                                                               BONGERS, Christine             Dust                                                                                                                        GWYNNE, Phillip                   Swerve                                                                                                                      HARLAND, Richard             Worldshaker                                                                                                          HARMER, Wendy                  I Lost My Mobile at the Mall                                                                         HENDERSON, Don                Keepinitreal                                                                                                          MACLEOD, Doug                   Siggy and Amber                                                                                                         OSWALD, Debra                     Blue Noise                                                                                                                         PRYOR, Michael                   Time of Trial (4th Volume of The laws of magic)                                           RUSHBY, Pamela                 When the Hipchicks Went To War                                                                      RUSSON, Penni                     Little Bird                                                                                                           WESTERFELD, Scott           Leviathan                                                                                                              WILKINSON, Lili                 Angel Fish                                                                                                                WILLIAMS, Gabrielle       Beatle Meets Destiny                                                                                            WOLFER, Dianne                Lighthouse Girl                                                                                                                  illus. SIMMONDS, Brian

These are worthwhile & exciting reads so come in & check them out.



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