Empowering homeless and disadvantaged people through books

NEWS                                                                                                                          (Staff, 7-9, 10-12) 

 The Benjamin Andrew Footpath Library believes that books empower people. The library’s vision is

to empower homeless and disadvantaged people through books

This mission is accomplished

by delivering a regular supply of books to homeless and disadvantaged people living in hostels and on the streets, and through community organizations. Currently we operate in Sydney and Melbourne.


 Photo: Stephen Doyle’s paper sculpture from here

The website enables people to donate or volunteer. You can volunteer to sort books, donate a bookshelf, help lift boxes or knit scarves or blankets.

The Footpath Library has an interesting story:

After the death of a young friend, Benjamin Andrew, Sarah Garnett decided to make herself useful by working as a volunteer.  She started helping serve meals to the homeless and disadvantaged in Sydney’s CBD.

One evening Sarah noticed a man sitting under a streetlight reading a novel while waiting for the food van.  She started bringing him a few books and it was here The Benjamin Andrew Footpath Library began.

The directors of this amazing library come from different walks of life; they are video producers, directors, training managers, corporate publishers, HR business consultants, lawyers and barristers. What they share is a passion for reading and desire to make this possible for all people.

Have a look at The Footpath Library’s book supporters here.

Thankyou to @text_publishing on Twitter for this information.


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