Who reads our blog?

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Who reads our blog?

Apart from our school community, many others enjoy reading our blog, people in Australia and from other parts of the world. How do I know? I look at the blog statistics which tell me where readers are coming from, and I also receive emails from people with encouraging comments. This is testament to the aim of this blog which is to create a culture of reading in our school community, and to share viewpoints with the wider community and the world.

Yesterday Jack Kirne (Year 12) posted a review of one of his favourite books, and received a very encouraging comment from an Australian author, Penni Russon.

In her comment, Penni admits that she started to read Lord Foul’s Bane but gave up, and asks Jack if it’s worth persevering. One of the best things about this blog, in my opinion, is the connections and conversations which are made possible.

Browsing Penni’s website, I came across her ‘advice for young writers’. Her first recommendation, unsurprisingly, is to read:

Read! Read widely, read critically. Think about what you read, what works, what doesn’t work. Read novels, short stories, poems, non-fiction. Read television shows. Read computer games. The back of cereal boxes. Advertising. Narratives are everywhere.

A little more surprising is this advice:

Go to the theatre, see live music (classical, rock, bluegrass, gyspsy technofunk), visit art galleries with someone you like and talk about what you see. Find a film buddy who will go to the movies or watch dvds with you and talk afterwards about the film.

And here’s advice English teachers are always giving:

Write honestly, write what you know and understand. This doesn’t mean you can’t use fantasy scenarios (like a spy or future world) but your characters’ psychology needs to be in your grasp, the emotions should be real. I bet you know what it’s like to feel like an outsider in a new situation – so when you write about someone travelling into the future, draw on those emotions.

You should definitely read the rest of Penni’s advice here.


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