James Cameron talks on TED

FILM/NEWS                                                                                                                             (Staff, 7-9, 10-12)

Although now a major filmmaker, Cameron’s first job was as a truck driver and he wrote only in his spare time. After seeing Star Wars, he quit that job and wrote his first science fiction script for a ten-minute short called Xenogenesis. Soon after, he began working with special effects, and by 1984 he had written and directed the movie that would change his life — The Terminator. Today, he has received three Academy Awards, two honorary doctorates and sits on the NASA Advisory Council.

Without the saturation of images in media that we have today, Cameron had to use his imagination to visualise the worlds he loved to read about in science fiction stories. He talks about his insatiable curiosity and attempt to understand the world and the limits of possibility. Growing up in the late 60s, he watched on TV the exploration of the moon and Jacques Cousteau’s underwater worlds. His imagination was inspired by these ‘alien’ worlds.

Read more of James Cameron’s biography.

The Avatar website is here.

There may be disagreement about whether Avatar is the best movie ever made, but I wonder how many people have not seen it.


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