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Now that we’re starting a new year – coming back from loooong holidays, sleeping in, going to the beach, partying with friends – I thought I’d get us back in the groove by posting who’s reading what.

Read Plus has read and reviewed The Enemy by Charlie Higson. Read the review here, but first,watch the trailer (if you dare). 

Charlie Higson’s website is fantastic. Browse through the top tabs and read about Charlie, or read an extract from the book.

You can even Zombie yourself on the website, if you so desire. I did.

Read Plus has also reviewed Conspiracy 365: January  by Gabrielle Lord.

Here’s an extract of Read Plus’ review:

Walking home one night, Callum is chased by a disheveled man who warns him that he must stay hidden for 365 days, or else he would be killed like his father. Dismissing him as stupid, he watches as the ambulance takes him away, but when over the next few days things happen which alert him to the possibility of his being targeted by persons unknown, he recalls all that the man told him, and strives to keep himself safe.

Again, the author’s website is fantastic, and you can also watch the trailer, read about the author, and read about the whole series which is totally new. There’s a counter that tells you how many days, hours and minutes until the second book in the series comes out.

That’s enough for this post. More on Who’s reading what later.


6 thoughts on “Who’s reading what

  1. hello,
    I saw your tweet about this blog and flew over here for a look. What a cool blog.
    I must come here again. Although I am a middle school librarian, YA lit is not my favorite reading. So I rely on YA lit experts to help me with collection development.
    BTW I’ve just finished reading The Lovely Bones. I won’t get it for my junior-high students, but it was an exciting read.

    See you later on twitter.

    • Hi, Christine, good to see you here, and to know I’m not the only one who is fussy about YA literature. There’s some good ones out there, but lately, so many are poorly written and I just can’t finish them! The Lovely Bones is unusually good. I didn’t expect it to be so powerful emotionally. Brilliant. Not sure if I want to see the film in case it’s disappointing. I think all we can do is collaborate – the students shouldn’t have to go by our personal reading interests, and we have to stay true to ourselves to be convincing. When I started this blog I was over the top with ‘great read’, ‘fantastic book’, hoping it would inspire kids to read, but I dropped that. Thanks for dropping by. We should get together with some other middle school librarians and collaborate on a blog. I’m happy to share. Guest posts, at least. What do you think?

      • I also find that more and more YA titles are written to appeal adults too. The boundaries are more blurred now, between YA and AD. I don’t mind it, but it makes my job a bit harder w/ collection development.
        As for a collaboration blog, I wish I had time…I can’t even find time to post on my own blog every week. Ack! But I will certainly add your blog to my lblogroll, as I need all the YA help I can get!

      • Yes, I agree about the stretch in YA novels, and adults are reading them too. I’m happy my blog is useful to someone, and feel free to contact me in case you have anyone in your school wanting to write a review of a book or even film following a book. That kind of collaboration might work. cheers!

  2. I have not been reading the YA fiction I should since the summer. I have to get back in the groove. I have been reading tons of books for me though!

    Anyway, I am currently reading a new book by Alexandra Harvey titled “Hearts at Stake.” It is the first in the Drake Chronicles.

    I think it will appeal to the Twilight, Vampire Academy, House of Night fans.

    • Me too. I decided to read some German literature. Thought it was time to think about YA now. Thanks for the recommendation and for dropping by. Suggestions are always welcome. I dream of collaboration for reading promotion.

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