Holiday reading Advent Calendar

RECOMMENDATIONS                                                                                                               (Staff)


Now that we’re finally starting to breathe and look ahead to leisure time, some of you may be itching for reading recommendations.


Me and My Big Mouth is creating a special type of Advent Calendar which suggests a book every day from December 1st until Christmas day.

Every day between December 1st and Christmas Day itself I will be posting short suggestions for books to brighten up your festive season.

Some will be old, some will be new. Some would make for ideal gifts, others are entirely for personal use.

The intention is to recommend 24 books that you might otherwise have overlooked.

If you need ideas for reading or book gifts, and you want variety, and can only read one short recommendation at a time, then read this blog. It’s written by staff of a UK bookshop but don’t let that put you off. And don’t forget to check out all the reviews and interviews on the blog, including ‘currently reading’ and ‘new arrivals’. Plenty of book gift and wishlist ideas here.


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