Caught reading – Michael Gerard Bauer

RECOMMENDATIONS/BOOK REVIEW                                                                   (Staff, 7-9, 10-12)

Michael Gerard Bauer, well-known and popular YA author, winner of many book awards, including CBCA 2005 Book of the Year for The running man, has graciously agreed to share with us what he is currently reading.

What are you reading? ‘Leaving Barrumbi’ by Leonie Norrington.

Why this book? I’ve read the other Barrumbi books and enjoyed them. Also it was shortlisted for the CBCA award last year and I know Leonie and she is published by Omnibus/Scholastic Australia like me.

What’s it about? Set in the Northern Territory it tells of the trials and tribulations of a boy called Dale who heads off to boarding school for the first time. Dale has always lived with Aboriginal people and doesn’t really see himself as a ‘whitefella’. It’s about understanding different cultures and also about growing up.

Has it lived up to your expectations? Yes absolutely. I haven’t finished it yet but I’m already caught up in Dale’s sometimes disastrous attempts to fit in with his new boarding school life. Leonie is a wonderful writer who brings alive characters, culture and the environment.

Would you recommend it to others?Certainly. You could start with The Barrumbi Kids and The Spirit of Barrumbi or read this one as a stand alone. The series gives a great insight into Aboriginal people and culture.

If you like, you can read a synopsis of the story here.

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